Flavor Technologies


By innovating new technology, Genüs Flavors works to create and set trends in the flavor industry. These trends change the way formulators formulate, manufactures purchase, and the way consumers consume their flavored goods.


Maximizes taste, potency and stability.


Maintains the freshness of the flavor throughout the shelf life of the finished product.


Unlike traditional manufactures who spray dry or even plate flavors onto sugar based carriers, our carriers are all low sugar or sugar free.

LoCarb Flav™

Look for flavors using this specialized technologies that allow formulators to use our flavors without having to worry about adding carbohydrates into the final mix. Finally we can powders that are free of any net carbs, but yet still taste amazing.

Made in the USA

Quality ingredients tested thoroughly for purity.

Our Work

Genüs Flavors has made it a mission to perfect each and every flavor out there.. one flavor at a time. Our team will not release anything until it goes through a 5-point sensory evaluation assuring what we are releasing is the best of the best, at the same time affordable and meets all of our quality requirements. Once approved, our flavors go into production and kept in inventory for your needs. In an "I need it here yesterday" industry, we are the solution. Currently available stock flavors for immediate purchase are:


Sports Flavor Specialist

About Us

A boutique firm specializing in the research and development, formulation, and manufacturing of flavors and flavor ingredients, with an emphasis on sports nutrition. With a team building decades of experience, Genüs Flavors creates advanced flavors that have been time-tested for quality, incredible organoleptic profiles, masking abilities and stability. It is our job to solve the problems up front, so you can focus on doing what you do best – selling product.

Where to Buy

Genüs Flavors maintains an exclusive partnership with IngredientsOnline.com - an innovative e-commerce platform that provides ingredients for the food and beverage industries. Please visit www.ingredientsonline.com to sign up for access. Access allows you see real time inventory, pricing, discounts, and all documentation. Everything is available with a click of a button - no more having to make phone calls and send emails just to get a piece of information. Genüs Flavors also produces and stocks flavors with IngredientsOnline.com, so you can approve a flavor day one, and receive it the very next day. Gone are 4-6 week lead times. We are changing the way flavors are done. Also you can visit IngredientsOnline.com for free samples for your evaluation of any of our stocked flavors.


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